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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fathers Visitation Rights

    What are father's visitation rights?

    Father’s visitation rights ensure fathers have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children, emphasising the importance of the child’s access to both parents, regardless of gender biases.

    How can we assess what is reasonable access for fathers?

    Assessing reasonable access for fathers depends on the unique circumstances of each family, considering factors such as the child’s age, schooling, and parental work commitments. Our team of family solicitors provides tailored advice to navigate custody matters effectively.

    What constitutes reasonable access for fathers during term time?

    Reasonable access arrangements for fathers during term time vary, considering aspects like the child’s age and location. This may include weekend visits, midweek contact, or virtual communication, prioritising the child’s best interests and fostering parental involvement.

    What should be done if an agreement on reasonable access cannot be reached for the father?

    In instances of disagreement, seeking legal guidance is recommended. Our team of family solicitors can facilitate mediation and, if needed, navigate court proceedings to establish reasonable access, prioritising the child’s welfare and fostering parental relationships.

    How should reasonable access for fathers be managed during holidays?

    In addition to regular access, parents should agree on holiday visitation and festive periods, promoting consistency and shared parenting responsibilities to minimise disruption to the child’s routine.

    What options are available for fathers living abroad to maintain reasonable access?

    For fathers residing overseas, maintaining contact may necessitate innovative solutions such as virtual communication or planning visits during school holidays. Upholding the child’s routine and welfare remains paramount in facilitating meaningful parental involvement.

    What steps can be taken if a child disputes the agreed access with the father?

    In cases where a child resists access, understanding the underlying reasons is essential. Open communication, guided by legal advice if necessary, helps address concerns and promote positive parental relationships, ensuring the child’s well-being.

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